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Thread: until it became a bad history

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    until it became a bad history

    Generally, I like the AR-forum. -Wonderful people!
    But not all is clear for people like me, who are not familiar with English.
    I think I do better to keep quiet there: I too often say that something is not right.
    The matter of nuance:
    "Not remarkable" - Не замечательный, серый, in russian analog of words "consuetudinary", "usual";
    "не смешно" - Not ridiculously, not funny(!);
    "ridiculously" - смехотворно, synonymous of the words "terrible","minor","stupid" in russian;
    "business" - бизнес(in russian "business" - commercial activity), but "work"(labour,job) - работа, дело, занятие --> "work" NOT EQ "business" in my mind;
    -everywhere completely different meaning..
    It turned out that I accidentally, unintentionally, offend one person.
    Because of difficulties with the translation.
    The one artist (and others) thought that I mocked(scold? cursed?) his picture.
    - I wanted to say that it is sad, not funny. But the electronic translator used a different word - "ridiculous".
    I would also, probably, take offense if my work was called "ridiculous" (in russian - synonym of the word "minor", "stupid")...
    I wanted to say orianelima, that his picture is not funny, that she is a sad(melancholy) - грустная, печальная .

    second, skylar.
    - He paints a wonderful. And - yes, I was annoyed for unpainted background
    It is also true, that I did not think to teach him or intentionally offend(hurt? forth?).
    This was the question - "why?". (Possible answers: -it is a sketch;-I so like;-I was in a hurry; etc).
    He requested that I ignored him - I did it.

    and third,
    I am sorry that I have unduly diverted to my person so many distinguished people. I thought that in some subjects randomly delete posts, it served as a catalyst for my flash of indignation.
    Administration in relation to me was correct.

    I wish you all good luck and understanding.
    For those, who read but not understood anything - a special thanks!

    -michael(aka mickle,mike,mcklay)

    ps. fourthly,
    was produced a beautiful(great) issue of the magazine!
    choosing the words, we lose thoughts
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    I think you made yourself very clear. Was very nice that you took the time to explain. I agree, online translators are sometime ridiculous, unlike Orianelima's paintings.

    What I do is use a translation site where I can 'back translate' so I can see what words were chosen and compare that to what I originally meant to say. I have found myself taking some extra time to do that owing to it missing my meaning by a lot.

    Anyway, good to see you here.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Michael, it is good of you to take the time to express is actions like this that add dignity to this forum.
    Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. ~Mother Teresa

    and, most especially, my photography at

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    Вы очень честный человек. Вы хороший человек. мое сердце с вами, друг. Я надеюсь, что это говорит хорошо!

    Мой младший сын назван Майкл!

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