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Thread: A belated thanks to RobertSWade

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    A belated thanks to RobertSWade

    While my memory is quite good, it is at times also quite short. I recently posted a work titled "Desert Sunset" which I started months ago (in AR 2.5) and then set aside; it was later finished (in AR 3), posted here and some of you were kind enough to say nice things about it.

    Earlier today, for no particular reason, I recalled in detail the original impetus for that drawing. Quite some time ago, Robert posted a beautiful piece called "Trestle Sunset" and in my comments on it I wondered about his process. He was kind enough to post stages of that work and also explain his technique (for which I am still grateful). Shortly after, I began my own exploration of his style...the much later completed piece I posted here.

    Well, I apologize for not giving him the "tip of the hat" he deserved for inspiring my effort and am now offering my belated thanks.

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    You are most welcome, my friend.

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