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Thread: Portfolio help

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    Portfolio help

    Hey everyone, needing a bit of help if anyone has some time to spare. I'm looking for a free, professional looking portfolio website that I can upload my paintings, and photographs to. A Google search shows a TON of results, but I figured someone here might know a few good ones out of the bunch.

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    I have been browsing through the stuff at recently. Other than that you could make a free website with someone like wordpress or weebly. Also there is wacom's community website.

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    I like Zenfolio and it is what I use.... But it's not free...

    Zenfolio website ->

    My gallery at Zenfolio ->

    If you use my coupon code listed at my Zenfolio gallery you will get $5.00 off the membership due...

    I've been with Zenfolio for about 2 or 3 years and I've had enough referrals that I've had ample credits to renew my membership free....



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