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    Al, Scott, Oriane and Rob , thank you very much for your comments.

    Scott, lately I tried to concentrate my work and I prefer to publish in the same thread if is about the same subject, like "watercolors" or if
    is about different variants as evolution of a painting or different results based on the same subject, as Tess, a portrait
    and I think that more or less the others do the same thing.

    I don't want to take more place than needed and also is easier for me to organize the threads.

    About tutorials, I have no idea where are the AR2.5 tutorials but I remember that I read about the printing subject a lot,
    my question is specific and I think that is not so clear about the strokes, the number of layers, the printing matter ...

    Bob, I have also the home printing experience but I am curious about how work the reproduction of the painting in volume on canvas or on simply paper and I wanted to here about concrete experience and reflection on the subject.

    As long as I understand until now, in function of what you want to do with the image that you create you have to work differently,
    for printing without relief or very little,
    for screen or movie matter it can be with volume texture and this bring the wanted visual effect.

    I also experimented another time about the subject and I am sure that this have to be considered from the beginning, the results can be very surprising if you work in volume and flatted it later , is simple still very complicated to explain but as you may have the same experience Is easier to understand what I am saying .
    "All are about quiet and light." Dany
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    I accept critics only from friends,
    how about You ?

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    Beautiful imaginery scene, Dany.

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