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Thread: Artrage 3x Tutorial List

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    Lightbulb Artrage 3x Tutorial List

    *NEW Tutorials by Caricaturist Hans Deconinck
    Available on the Tutorial Page

    Alkratzer: Photos to Digital Paintings to Acrylics
    Alexandra: Creating flowers with the Gloop Tool
    Arjen Vriezekolk: Children's Book Illustration
    Lee: Burnished and Leaded effects
    Peter Pinckney: Painting Mountains
    Andrea : Speedpainting with ArtRage
    Andrea : Thumbnail Rendering with ArtRage Markers
    Al Kratzer : Some thoughts on color
    Al Kratzer: Color Paintings step by step
    Orianelima: Impasto oil painting technique
    Orianelima : Painting from Reference: a traditional approach
    Orianelima : The soft knife technique
    Fugu-Guy : Putting a grid on a reference image
    Juz : Understanding Sticker Spray Colour.
    Juz: Sticker sequences for natural brush effects
    Juz: Taking Advantage of Custom Presets
    Juz: Mixing Flesh Tone Palettes
    Juz: How to Dodge and Burn in Artrage
    Sketchism71 : Painting hair
    Mannafig: How to paint skin
    Mannafig : Photo Montage in Artrage
    Mannafig : Drawing with Pencil
    Stimpy : step by step to making an Esher painting
    Briex : Painting from a vintage photo.
    Briex : Painting as you used to paint in real life
    Chibi J : How blend modes work(link wikipedia)
    Jules : Jules' Gloopy tricks
    Jules : watercolor blending
    DigitalViscosity : Coveted workflow
    ACD : Raging a plane in a mountain scape
    Fraiser Paice : make a line drawing with edge detect.
    Fraser Paice : How to cheat at portraits
    Hanzz : The making off: Lou reed caricature
    Hanzz : Rage It With ArtRage! Part 1 : D.O.F.
    Hanzz : Rage it with ArtRage! Part 2 : Vignettes
    Hanzz : ArtRage, beginners tutorial, Airbrushing a logo
    MisterPaint: ArtRage3 and Plugins + WaterColor
    MisterPaint: Portrait Speed Painting
    MikalaKula: Reflecting Water
    Screenpainter: Watercolour and Felt Pen branch
    Someonesane : Sticker Sheet and Preset Creation
    Someonesane: Downloading stickers (.stk) and presets (.prs)
    Someonesane : Swapping AR Script Preview Images
    Silentman : Advanced Sticker Tutorial
    Khalid : Steps in the making of a watercolour babyportrait
    Khalid : Steps in the making of an eye
    Flynn the Cat : watercolour tutorial : the Snake

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++

    Someonesane : Sticker sheet tutorial
    Someonesane : Creating a seamless canvas tile
    Someonesane : Recording and Playing ArtRage Script Files Part 1
    Someonesane : Recording and Playing ArtRage Script Files Part 2
    Someonesane : Working with Artrage Watercolour
    Judith Tramane : Make a sticker
    Judith Tramane : ArtRage 3 overview. (first of a series)

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
    Video Demonstrations
    Jon Hodgson : Demonstrations, working in Artrage
    L Skylar Brown : an autumn memory W.I.P.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++
    Artrage and + 3rd Party Software Tutorials
    Juz: Creating stickers from Photoshop brushes
    Sweedie : Making a calander with Artrage and Serif Page Plus
    Dany51 : Using Apophysis Flames with Artrage
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    Thanks to everyone that contributed to these tutorials!!!! I have had artrage on my ipad for some time now and recently added it to my laptop. I have been looking everywhere for tutorials. These are GREAT.

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    Armoured Owl Video Tutorial for ImagineFX magazine - Nick Harris

    Hi guys,

    IFX magazine have just dropped a video capture on Youtube, that I created in support of an article I did for their Q&A section. It's about painting an armoured owl. Don't be put off by the fact that I start out in Sketchbook Pro (which is another sketching software I really like) because I soon move across to ArtRage after about ten minutes. It's more about the thought processes than technique, and typically waffley- so don't expect any epiphanies after it. See how many of you spot the technical mistake I make in the dialogue. CLUE - I blame working on an Intuos 3 with its un-named shortcut buttons.

    Here is the link -
    Nick Harris Artwork

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