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Thread: watercolor is bof ! AQUAREAL OR AQUARE@L for us ?

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    watercolor is bof ! AQUAREAL OR AQUARE@L for us ?

    I impatiently await the tool WATERCOLOUR which will be certainly as impressive as all the other tools?
    I propose for the TEAM artrage2.X word

    or better : AQUA-RE@L
    for this future and very awaited tool!

    re@dyou soon!

  2. I am just wondering, but why would the future watercolor tool need to have a name? As far as I can tell, none of the other tools have special, specific names. They are simply "chalk" or "pencil", or et cetera.

    Try to be patient instead of impatient - The more time the team is able to spend creating the tool, the better it will be. : )

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