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Thread: AR to Traditional -- my version

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    AR to Traditional -- my version

    Inspired by Eddie's excellent thread, here's a look at my conversion of an AR painting into a physical acrylic. (Painting size: 24" x 36" time: 4 hours)

    First the ArtRage version, followed by the acrylic, followed by the WIP shots:
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    This is fantastic Al! I don't think I ever mentioned in my thread that is was your violin painting you posted a while ago that actually got me on the traditional kick! When I saw your version both in AR and in traditional... It got me thinking! So thank you!

    This turned out excellent! I like how you built up the color with the acrylic to give a nice under painting of color! The resemblance is incredible. AR is quite the tool for planning a traditional medium painting! I also enjoyed Jules thread where she then took the traditional, imported it back into AR and took it further. The two environments are turning out to be more compatible than I first thought they would be. You never know, the end result may end up being a hybrid of digital and traditional - Tradigital! Beautiful painting!
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    Wonderful AL, this type of work represents a real breakthrough in the use of the program AR3. Simply wonderful, Al, your initiative is highly appreciated.

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    From Artrage to acrylics, good to see another painter using this powerful tool in both mediums. They complement each other. Great palette on both!!

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    Wonderful job, AL. ANd thank for wip's, always interesting how the pic came about...

    I am the third one, to get back to real stuff... at least for a while... will see... am to lazy to cleanup the mess after....

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    Wow, the real thing! Excellent!!! Do you find yourself going for the undo button and then... Oh yeah that's right.... I do when sketching.
    I'm glad you posted this.
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    Al, thats great. I really like all your paintings and to see this one on a real canvas is wonderful. Well done and congratulations
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    Ai these are awesome

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    Thanks to all for viewing and commenting, but particularly to Ed for getting me going. I've added a new thread in the Tips and Tricks section that takes things a bit further.

    Ed: "Tradigital" is perfect. Love it.

    TonyJazz: Thanks! Try as I might, I cannot escape from my pallet for good or bad.

    AT-TA: I look forward to seeing some examples!

    Jibes: There were a few brush strokes that I wished I could immediately discard, fortunately a wet paper towel comes in handy for those cases. I do find i can copy the digital up to a point and then I have to turn off the monitor and bring it together as a physical painting at the end.

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