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Thread: Please? Direct me on the ARTRAGEus page!

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    Please? Direct me on the ARTRAGEus page!

    EDIT What I'm doing for now is keeping them on the one page, and when i think I have enough, I'll move them in groups to separate pages (I'm thinking 'first quarter issues' etc)

    Just an update: I'd like to ask everyone if they'd prefer:

    1) simply replacing the current issue on the ARTRAGEus page each month
    2) Listing them all on that page (may require condensing/loss of information over time and may get quite long)
    3) Using that page as an index/hub and creating small separate pages for each issue (...or maybe each quarter? or yearly? Assuming we last that long!) that simply contain that issue's information. This includes additional credits/bios/websites/corrections/whatever people ask me to put up.

    You can see what's up there now
    I'd like to have a general idea of what people want by the time the next issue comes out, so I know whether to add, move, or replace!

    And to the contributors: you are very welcome to contact me with requests to add any extra details.

    *hmm, if I do have separate sections, that will allow me to have a corrections section for each, if necessary.
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    Very cool Flynn!!!

    And you are so clever with this too, all looks professional and proactive to me.
    I hadn't realized that this was a monthly magazine.

    Well, since you are asking for feedback...
    then I'd have to say that anything to do with tips and tutorials and other artists interests the likes of me as I am a self taught digital artist with an insatiable appetite for learning more

    I'd like the listings all on one page or indexing so that info is more easily retrieved.


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    Thanks much! The site looks great! Be in touch soon.....

    Note... AR will be hosting all the Mags.....Feb (redo when done) and all others on the AR site from now on so we can all (other sites and ragers) link to the download. We would like to keep tabs on the number of downloads if possible, but we are not sure yet on that.. I am waiting to hear back.

    If this is good then I would suggest that you have a link to each months magazine Issue with an index of each as well. That should make it easy to find the tutorial or whatever and much easier and quicker for everyone. I will be happy to provide you with whatever you need.

    We will be having tutorials, Tips and Tricks and Art Supplies added in each mag as the ragers submit them but we also have an AR site links page to most all.

    Thanks for all you do!

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    @Rowena - thanks! Just to clarify, I'm not actually writing the magazine, just writing ABOUT it.

    Yeah, I was thinking link + overview - I was just wondering how much of an overview and if I should list them on separate pages for people wanting more detail or just a list of links

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