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    Pat Martino

    I just discovered a gallery of digital art by the guitar virtuoso Pat Martino and i feel the need to do a quick post about all things Pat.

    Martino (b 1944) was a child prodigy who was at the forefront of jazzrock in the 1970s. In 1980 he had emergency brain surgery and forgot everything about playing -- and didn't even recognize his own parents. Using his old records and computers he relearned the instrument to the surprise of virtually everyone, including his neurosurgeon who said "It's not so much he rediscovered the music as the music rediscovered him." (it took him seven years!)His story is chronicled in a 2008 documentary "Martino Unstrung."

    In addition to having developed an extremely advanced method of fretboard theory for guitar, Martino is a proponent of the mystical aspects of the number 12 (see my post here) and the parallels between music, color, the seasons, the clock, etc. calling them all pathways to the "point that meets all points" He is responsible for me becoming fascinated by these relationships myself.

    A great video of Pat playing "Sunny" with Joey Defrancesco

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    Thanks Al great links.

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    Amazing story and inspiration. Thanks for sharing Al.

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