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Thread: Still Wandering After All These Years

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    Still Wandering After All These Years

    100% AR3: Gloop pen, custom gloop stickes, sticker spray gun with other custom stickers, ink pen, chalk, glitter,airbrush, tube paint, watercolor, pallet knife, eraser. No filters.
    Hope you like wandering around too.
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    This is so cool. Abstract is hard to pull off but you are the master!
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    ... or "Still Crazy After All These Years"? I'm sure that Paul Simon would agree that this could be taken as an appropriate visual statement as to how convoluted life can become even with the best laid plans.
    Wonderfully laid out road map to the vagaries of what life holds in the face of the most carefully planned course.
    But try telling that to the kids.

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    Byron, this is really making string theory work for you. Hahah.

    This is far and away my favorite of yours, and I've liked your work all along. But this one really works graphically. The arrangement of the diverse textural business and diverse color, shape, and all the other things one can use, you placed it all to great advantage with the composition. It's as of this were painted by a child, but an aesthetically astute one. It rocks big time. Really successful.

    Psychoanalysis (not sure if it's of me or you ) is that this puts me in mind of what Carl Jung did (still, because I think I said this about earlier works of yours) -- where he cut off from the world at one point and played with children's toys. I assume it worked for him to do so because it went back to the point of his development where he derailed, the time of wounding, where he could put himself back at the fork in the road as it were. I'm not sure that was what he ultimately said it did for him. But it's my take.

    And so with that in mind, I'm looking at this as an adult playing a child, as well as the humanity regression to cave painting with a modern artistic flair. It's simple and complex at the same time -- different ends of the spectrum. And it's a great result. Fantastic. Different parts allude to different things. Again, great textures.

    Wish I could be more coherent, but in the face of an abstract like this, the ideas keep rushing forward and it's hard to contain them all in a single statement.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    To me, this was a day at the shop. Women and men walking in and sitting at my chair. Me styling and smiling, us laughing and talking. Them happy when leaving and me tired when sweeping. A long day but happy.
    My perception of your fine abstract "Still Wondering After All These Years" strikes a personal wonder that is finally gone-the back and hands made the decision, and my heart directed me to my art and eventually children.
    Love this Byron!

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    Bryron what a great painting.

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    Must be the spring in the air, that makes us to look inside our souls, or the soul is more open to this air, filled with fragility and acceptance and ready to accept our apologies what we owe to her as only the invisible part of our bodies. ? Whatever it is, good to talk to her this way, Byron,with brushes and colors and our mind. Love this little piece, also, this is the statement of life s reality and for so long put aside dreams.

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    Wow Byron what a explosion of colours. As with all your paintings its terrific.
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    Great colours, textures and strokes

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    Byron, besides opening up a thread of yours and seeing fantastic artwork, I look forward to the varied ways in which it affects the people who view it. From triggering a memory, or reminding them of an event, or evoking an emotion, the comments in your threads yield a high level of interest and are always a joy to read. Another absolute fantastic mind-blowing painting Byron! Make sure this one is near the entryway in your gallery!!!
    "The significance is hiding in the insignificant. Appreciate everything."
    — Eckhart Tolle

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