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Thread: Creating stencils

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    Creating stencils

    Hi, I have downloaded some wonderful stencils here but I would like to know if there is a way for me to create my own, and if so, is there a tutorial for this somewhere?

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    Hi Birdfly,

    There is really nothing to making a stencil. A stencil is basically just a converted image. Black and White images work the best, but any image can be used to create a stencil. Mainly what you'll want to keep in mind is that the darker the black, the more the color will spill through, which of course means the brighter the white, the less color will spill through. So, if you have a gray color in the image, that area will only allow a little bit of color through as a stencil. This is explained in more detail here:

    Below is a link to a video I made about stencils for AR2.5, but it works in pretty much the same way for AR3.

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    Thank you kindly for the information, i will check out the video and other link.
    Have a nice day.

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