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    I want to be able to print my paintings, the average size I plan on using is 19x13. So I have been doing my paintings at 38x26, with dpi at 100. I recently decided to try and bump up the dpi to 300 and was wondering what the effect would be if I just resized my current art to 300dpi. How does the .ptg file react to that?

    Also how do the ptg files react to scaling, ie. painting at 10x 20 then changing the size to 20x40 and printing it.

    Is there a way to setup the canvas to cut down on the brush lag?

    Does anyone have an eta on a 64 bit or multi core compatible version, I absolutely love the program and will support it for as long as your around but I really need to be able to take advantage of everything my computer has to offer.

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    A lot of what defines what size you need for printing depends upon the printer really. If you're printing at home your printer's resolution will define what size it wants but you might find that producing large images at 300dpi will be easier if you paint at lower DPI then scale up (the printer may scale up for you). If you're sending the item to a print service they can tell you what resolution you need. Some printers will ask for high DPI values, some for lower (around 120dpi for example).

    When you scale a PTG file, as with any image, you will always lose some clarity, it may be best to let the printer or print service do that for you.

    If you want the strokes to speed up you could try turning the lighting system off (F5 is the default shortcut). That removes the appearance of volume from the surface and can speed up painting.

    We're currently looking at 64-bit and multithreading options but there's no estimate yet on when we'll have information on this.
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    So if I paint a painting at 38" x26" 100dpi (which is what I want to keep at about normal) Then change the dpi to 300, isnt that the same thing as sizing it down a third? I tried changing the dpi to 300 and keeping my dimensions but that action wasnt liked very well...artrage told me there wasnt enough memory to do that.

    I was kind of hoping that ptg scaled like vectors do but wasnt counting on it. Keep us apprised of the 64bit and multi threading progress, Ill be first in line to pick it up when it comes out!

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    Found this article thought it might be informative.

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