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Thread: Intuos 3 un-undoable strokes

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    Intuos 3 un-undoable strokes

    If I make a paint stroke by holding my wacom stylus button down and dragging a hovering stroke without touching the tablet directly (for example airbrushing something), the paint stroke cannot be undone. Its as if that paint stroke does not end up in the undo queue.

    I have an Wacom Intuos 3 and I use ArtRage 3.0.5 on osX 10.5.6

    It wouldn't be so bad but I click that button on accident occasionally painting a giant, very permanent streak across my canvas.

  2. Using Studio Pro 3.0.6 / OSX 10.6.2 / Intuos 2

    Well, how do you manage to draw or airbrush without touching the tablet...?
    At the moment I lift my pen one “iota” off the surface the colour-flow stops...
    What are your settings...?

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    The buttons on the wacom pen are mapped to left and right mouse-click (by default I believe) so if you hold the left-click button down you can draw a stroke without touching the tablet itself.

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    I've been trying to replicate this but I haven't been able to yet. If I set the rocker switch to Click I can paint strokes without touching the canvas but I can still undo those. Could you let me know if this happens with any particular tool or if it's all tools?

    My stylus was set up by default to Right Click and Double Click on the rocker switch (which is convenient for ArtRage because it lets me drag the canvas with a right click drag), that may help if we can't find a cause for this.
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    Also, check that you are using the latest Wacom drivers for your tablet, as there were a few updates over the last few months I believe.
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