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Thread: Music, Color and the Mystical Number 12

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    Music, Color and the Mystical Number 12

    I debated posting this as an addition to the "Thoughts on Color" thread, but since this is going a bit more abstract with things, I thought I'd give it a solo posting.

    Everyone is familiar with the traditional 12 position color wheel, but not everyone is familiar with the the school of thought that suggests that 12 positions on a wheel is a mystical mental framework that allows us to equate things like musical notes, the hours of the day, color and the months of the year. (More on this Here)

    I cannot speak to the truth of any of the supposed mystical qualities of the number 12, but I do find it fascinating that the 12 colors on the wheel can be correlated to the 12 musical notes. I do feel musical sounds and colors are both basically vibrations within a spectrum of total light or sound. I've spent a lot of time in the past 3 years trying to represent music through painting. Here are a few observations I've put together along the way regarding the music/color relationship.
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