I thought I would just post this to share for anyone who might enjoy a little brainless time. LOL I played around with this for quite a while.

As the e-mail instructions I have says:
Music is complicated. Dozens of elements mix together to form something amazing.

That complexity is what makes music so great. It's also what makes it so hard to compose.

Electronic music allows some of that complexity to be stripped away. That is the basis for the Tone Matrix.

This simple flash program is a 16 x 16 grid of squares. Click the squares to trigger tones. Click again to stop the tones. Up and down determines the pitch. Left and right determines when the tone plays.

The program loops at a steady tempo. Pitches are confined to a pentatonic scale, so the sound is nice. Click and drag to select multiple squares. Press space to start over.

No music knowledge is required.