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Thread: Perspective Grid Sticker

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    Perspective Grid Sticker

    I made this for myself, so I thought I'd share it. Just drop the center point of one of these stickers on each of your vanishing points and scale and tint as required. You'll have to turn shadows off manually--I couldn't figure out how to make that the default state of the sticker. If anyone knows how, I'd love to know. Depending on your system, you might want to rasterize these once they're place.
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    artemesia66- I downloaded this to try it and there seems to be a problem with the stk file. My ArtRage Studio Pro will not open it. It shows up in my list but I get a message "Bad parameter has been passed. A requested panel could not be constructed, you may need to restart the application."

    Your idea sounds very interesting. I would love to see how it can work as a tool. Thanks for posting.
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    Downloaded, tested, it works.

    Thank you artemesia66 good idea.
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    @Fashmir. Rats. I tested the file and it seemed to work fine here, but I have seen that message with an earlier version that I tested that had been zipped, so I thought maybe the zipping was messing up the file. I'm not really sure what to do. I haven't made enough posts to put up a link anyway, so that file is just a straight upload of the sticker that's working fine for me (and now for Paolo).

    The only thing I can suggest is that you put it in the user folder yourself, rather than importing it through the panel. That seems to be problem free.

    Are you mac or pc? I'm on a mac, and I notice that it thinks misterpaint's stickers and the ones that come with AR3 are unix executables, but that ones I've made are artrage 3 files.
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    Thank you, Artemesia66
    I followed the instructions from Juz's Glossy Stickers thread:

    and it worked perfectly. (I'm on a Mac),

    Hin's Paintings:

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    Ya, that should work. Using import sticker right from the panel sometimes seems to throw up that error. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what "import sticker" does? In any case, as long as there's a way to get it working...

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    I used the sticker for a quick sketch and it is quite convenient ... I should have placed the center of the stickers at the shoulder level, it will have been easier to sketch ...

    Anyway I was just wanting to say "Thanks !", a good idea and a convenient sticker.

    Added flowers on the picture ... I do not know if nudity is accepted on the forum (it is very probably accepted on an art forum in my mind, but as I do not know ... )
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    Very nice sketch, and nice to see people are finding the sticker useful.

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    Mmmmm, I am having the same problem as Fashmir... the file is not recognized by AR3 Pro whether in the user stickers folder or not.

    Pity though, as the idea looks like a good one.
    PS: I am on PC

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    Placed it in the program/recources/stamps,and could use it without any problems. Very nice idea !
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