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Thread: Perspective Grids

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    Perspective Grids

    Just found these free perspective grid brushes and thought I should share them with the good folks here...

    I always have difficulting determining vanishing point and perspective lines in ArtRage and Painter for that matter... Perhaps these may help...



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    I usually don't use grids but I may do it, is a good tool, a useful one.

    I give a try for one of them, I had to use the transform tool to position the grid and of cause is in a different layer from the painted layers and supposed to be delayed after the work.

    Is that the good way to use it or you have a better way ?

    I just show the image I did using one of the perspective grids.
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    Thanks for the grids Kenmo. Every now and then I use perspective and I waste a heck of a lot of time figuring it out so these will come in handy.

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