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Thread: A little statement about my age...

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    A little statement about my age...

    Some people have indeed doubted my age, which is, 12.
    I can't go on about how sorry I am for lying to you, because I never did lie to you.
    People don't really assume I'm 12 until I tell them, and even then they are doubtful.
    However, I am here to tell you that I am the age I claim to be.
    I will be turning 13 on the 30th of September of this year.
    I cannot change your opinions on me, I can only steer them in the direction of truth.
    My teachers, my parents...Everybody who sees my writing - my capabilities - thinks I am extremely talented. And, I'll have to agree with them there. I suppose I am.
    I also stay up late, because that's just me.
    I've always been a night owl.
    I try to sleep, but I can't.
    I'm too full of energy to sleep at night.
    Eventually, I'll drift off, but until then, I'm excitable and ready for anything.
    The internet is a place of false guises. I'm pretty proud to say that the way I act on the internet is the way I am in real life.
    I just want to say that I would never deceive any of you guys.
    You're much too nice for that.
    Thank you.

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    1,598 is easy for people to doubt your age, especially since we don't see each other face to face on this forum and they don't know that particular fact. I somewhat knew from being able to put a few things together from your posts plus being a mom myself gives me some intuition as well.

    What has always surprised me is your level of maturity for your young age. Along with your wonderful and talented artwork, you write such beautiful and moving poems. With all of this and your delightful, charming and energetic personality, it's hard for most of us to remember that you're only 12 years old ( oldest son's birthday is Sept 30th, too!)!!!

    Believe in your parents and your teachers, you are one very smart and talented person. You're right that the internet is full of deceptive guises and one really needs to be careful of this fact especially young people like yourself.

    I have never thought you were deceiving me or anyone else with your age so I'm not really sure why you would think so especially here in this forum. For the most part, your age doesn't matter. What matters is what you bring to this forum and what you bring is wonderment and pure delight along with those beautiful paintings and poems. Thanks Weeun.....for being YOU!!!!

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    Weeun, I have to admit I have been one who thought you had to be older then you claimed. I apologize. I realize you are simply a very bright and intelligent young woman. Glad you are a part of this community.

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    Thank you all so very much for understanding.
    I wanted to get that cleared up, just in case.

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    From the early times of your first posts through the problems that you had, I have always admired your talents. I saw the first threads that were questioning your age and the reality of your being.
    I just want to encourage you to not disappear from us. I check in every so often to see if you are still active.
    I also think you should compile a group of your writings and paintings and see if publisher can produce something for you. I am certain you could be great even at your young age as you are one of the few talented ones.
    Keep up the good work and never forget us. We all love you very much.
    Love one another.-Jesus

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