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Thread: Transparent Background on Imported Images

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    Transparent Background on Imported Images

    I think this question was asked before, but for curiosity sake.

    Say i do some line / ink lines in one program and i want to bring those lines into AR3.

    Is there a way to turn off the white background / make transparent but not the line work in my imported image so that the colors show thru in AR3.

    In a nutshell, i'd like to eliminate the white background from a jpeg image, TIF, GIF? I can't remember.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated

    Many thanks guys

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    The program the original artwork was created in must have the option to allow for a transparent background. If it can, then the user must be sure to save the file in a way that allows for the transparency to be kept intact. JPEG's will NOT do this, so be sure not to save the file as a JPEG. I'd personally save the file as PNG, which will save the image with the empty background.

    Now, if you've scanned the image in, the only way to get rid of the paper background is to erase it or trace the image over on a new layer.

    There's another option I use, but I'm not sure it's what you're looking for, so I'll hold off on it for now.
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    I really preciate the input, I'll give it a go

    Thank ya kindly


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    Hey PICASO41

    I scan some of my old pen/pencil and paper drawings to use in AR3. The method I'm mentioning below will also work with line drawings you have drawn digitally.

    Then I use the Gimp to open the scanned image. From there, you can select

    Layer... Transparency... Color to Alpha

    from the menu.

    It defaults to white, but you can click on the color selector, and an eyedropper appears so you can select any color on the image as the "Alpha" color. Click "okay" and all of the white becomes transparent, without the "jaggies" you get if you select the white using other methods. If the "Color to Alpha" option isn't available, you may need to click the "Add alpha channel" first.

    Then save the image as a png, and you'll have an image with a transparent background and only the lines of your drawing

    I know that there is similar options in other software, but I don't remember the details. Maybe someone can add it here. It seems to me in the Old Paint Shop Pro, there was an option to choose the transparent color, or something like that. I imagine that has continued through into painter.

    The Gimp is free if you want to try it. Google should help you find it.
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