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Thread: HP TouchSmart tx2z compatibility?

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    HP TouchSmart tx2z compatibility?

    Can any of the Art Rage versions operate with the HP TouchSmart tx2z family of tablet PCs?

    What issues if any are there?

    I've found some articles that state the N-Trig Dousense touchscreen used in the HP tablet is not compatible.


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    ArtRage 3.0.6 addresses the problems we had with the nTrig digitizers. I have an HP Touchsmart tx2 Tablet PC on my desk working well with ArtRage Studio Pro.
    Make sure you have the latest drivers from HP, and ArtRage 3.0.6

    If you're wanting to mix using a stylus with using touch and gesture, turn off simultaneous gestures in the ArtRage preferences, turn on ink services, and turn on precise tablet mode.
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    Thank you very much!

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