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Thread: Artrage 3.0.6 and wacom cintiq 21ux

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    Unhappy Artrage 3.0.6 and wacom cintiq 21ux

    I'm having trouble with an offset of the cursor of my pens in Art-rage on my Cintiq 21ux.. the cursor shows up about a half inch below and to the left of the pen nib!
    I've gone as far as to load the latest drivers for tablet, and calibrated the pens with Art-rage in the Wacom driver ..
    But this does not change anything! even if I offset the pen in the calibration menu to an extreme the cursor remains in the same spot.
    consequently I also use Photoshop, Painter, and Open-Canavs and none of these programs have this offset problem!.
    Is anything I can? as I have the latest tablet driver, it wasn't working with the previous one either. and the the latest version of artrage
    love this program, would hate to have to scrap it due to this problem

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    Could you let me know what operating system you are using and what relative position the Cintiq screen is in compared to the main screen?

    Could you also let me know if any clicks other than paint stroke clicks are offset? For example, if you click a button in the tool panel does the right button activate? Also, if you single click on the canvas to apply a single dab of paint, does it appear in the correct position?

    We have tested with a Cintiq on both platforms so we should be able to find a solution.

    Update: I have also been informed that this has happened previously when Precise Tablet Mode is turned on. Try turning this off from the Preferences panel's Input section and restarting ArtRage. While most Cintiq systems support Precise Tablet Mode, some appear to interact badly with other things on the system and that can cause a problem such as this.
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