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Thread: Calling everyone interested in ARTRAGEus

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    Calling everyone interested in ARTRAGEus

    I made a .... wait for it.... yea, another Squidoo page.

    *surprise and shock from everyone*

    It's been vetted and approved by the all mighty Bobby Ray and others ont he team, and now I'm calling on you.

    Was your article in it? Are there any links or images you'd like me to add?
    Was there something I should have included?
    How many typos can you spot?
    Did I spell any usernames wrong?
    Do I actually explain properly?
    Do you have links and things that are related?
    Can you recommend any similar magazines I can make a nice list of?

    This will probably be an evolving page - if it takes off well, i could possibly make a page per issue, but right now I'm still working on this one! (And of course, if one of you wants to make those other pages, go ahead - I have lots of ideas and I'll never get through them all )

    *at the team: redoing the pages right now, if Photoshop stops having a paddy and loads the file.

    Oh! THAT's an idea for an article - HOW TO MAKE AN ARTICLE and fight with various programs/resize/format etc. I mean, I'm pretty tech-savvy and I was flummoxed a couple of times (possibly cause I wasn't concentrating >.>). And that also would make a good Squidoo page

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    I like the Squidoo page has all the info people need to want to read the mag...great work..

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    Exclamation ArtRageus Magazine message from the Editor


    WOW thats nicely done. I like it al lot. I will be making an announcement within a few days about ArtRageus E-Magazine for the Ragers to be totally in the know as to our chosen method of operations and submissions.

    We have been very busy meeting and discussing everything. We have added some staff and other part time volunteers. We need more. We have so many ragers wanting the FEB E-mag redone and we will come through for you all. We estimate over 1000 downloads so far for the Feb Issue. Not bad for the first Issue.

    The Ambient Team is fully behind us and supportive of this as well. This mag is the Ragers mag by and for all of them. We need their support and any help that they can give us when they can at any time.. If we pass it around each month with volunteers then everyone can do what they can when they can. Please note that we are ragers and artists not professional mag publishers. We will do the best we can as many of us are from different countries, languages, cultures and english is a problem for some ragers...we will assist you as needed, just ask. We would like to see someone become a translator for us. I hope someday we can publish the mag in different languages...but.... whew someday.

    If any Rager has a page/s ready...send em on!

    We have a great Team on the mag now and are rolling the presses! We hope soon to have a complete redo of the original Test mag that got this going in a production form, very soon. I will let everyone know when it is ready. we did this because we can and the ragers want to keep it on file and or print it out for their library.

    Thanks again Flynn and we will be happy to assist you as needed...

    Bobby Ray Howle Editor ArtRageus E-Magazine and the TEAM

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    Well, the more information I have, the better I can explain it and hopefully the better the submissions - and less work for you!

    Also, I'd be interested in adding in the download numbers - eg so many day 1,/wk 1.

    And you can advertise that they'll get linked on Squidoo as incentive

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