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Thread: A Season

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    A Season

    I did these in AR 2 but I didn't post them I was having health issues.
    At the time I was going the rounds with a chronic sinus infection, then I had a heart attack. Well I finally had my sinuses operated on and I was very lucky about the heart attack. Then a ladder slipped from under me and I fell about 12 ft flat on my back. I however tangled up and injured my right leg in the ladder. The next day I tripped over a pipe hidden in the brush. I finally went to the Doctor and he had me spent the next 10 days in the hospital. He took it more seriously than I did. Then I spent the better part of a month going to the hospital twice a day for antibiotic IVs. I've been going the round with congestive heart failure so I had to slow down. Three times last year I was ask if I had a will made out. Unfortunately that backed up my cutting firewood for the winter and other stuff so I been busy in between the nap I take as I tired easily. The new antibiotics I got last week should take care of a staff infection I have in my right leg. Ironically I have a degenerate spinal disorder and I will eventual be bound totally to a wheel chair. Maybe then I get some painting done. My feelings about all this is that God knows where I at and until he calls I have got things I want to do. The only thing that annoys me is the banquet of drugs the doctors seem to think a person needs. Threw all the nonsense I started cooking a bit and enjoying life.
    Anyway I did two versions of a painting exploring ideas.
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    Wow EB these are wonderful, nice work.

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    Wow, very lovely. I vote for the first one for the awesome reflections and colors in the water... you really make me want Fall to be here again

    PS Sent you a PM... so very sorry about all you went through.. and are still going through. Now, for some of that EB gourmet cooking... I need some of that!
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    Both are very nice EB;
    nice work

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    Hope You're OK now, dear EB. No matter which AR You use, You're always, evidently, a talented artist anyway!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Thank you for sharing these wonderful paintings with us EB. I am so sorry to hear about your complications. Only God knows where you will go. Think on positive things and keep on painting these wonderful paintings.

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    Wow, wonderful love it, love both. Congratulations

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    Both are wonderful EB! Sounds like you have really been thru it. Here's hoping for smoother sailing for you.

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    I like both of them, EB, very expressive work.Love the water reflections especially.
    Wish you a better year this year, EB.take care of yourself and painting healed a lot of people, so you might be one of them.

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    Beautiful, love the fresh, lively colour
    "I paint because I love to cut mats" (Arthur Alexander)

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