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Thread: Graphics Tablets... Wacom vs Hanvon

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    Graphics Tablets... Wacom vs Hanvon

    I've been looking with interest at the idea of using a graphics tablet. I nearly bought a Wacom Cintiq 21" a few years ago when I could afford it and was just going freelance then decided to get a better computer instead - But I'm now looking for a cheaper solution if possible! I found a virtually identical product to the Wacom Cintiq 12WX (Which retails here for around £900).
    The Hanvon Sentip - is really similar but about £300 less to buy new! I've not yet been able to find one second hand and there are none on ebay - The only place I've seen them for sale has been Pixmania.

    Has anybody got one/used one? If so how does it really compare to the wacom?
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    I never heard of the Hanvon before. I checked on net and the 12" Hanvon Sentip is costing only 100e less than a 12" Cintiq here (in Italy). I would definitely go for the Wacom since they are industry leader and I've been always very happy with their tablets.

    I did investigate in and cgtalk forums but there is almost no trace of Hanvon tablets, and this must mean something. The Hanvon Sentip could be a good tablet but I think it's natural that if an artist can pay so much money for a tablet he/she would then prefer to pay a bit more and get something that is high quality for sure, instead of saving some dollars and risking buying an unknown product.

    I compared the technical specs of the Hanvon and the Cintiq (both 12") and here are some of the differences :

    Contrast Ratio : Hanvon 700:1 , Wacom 600:1
    Brightness : Hanvon 220 cd/m2 , Wacom 180 cd/m2
    View Angle : Hanvon 80°/80°/80°/80° , Wacom 85°/85°/85°/85°
    Number of colors : Hanvon 262.000 , Wacom 16.7 million

    while the rest of the main features are the same. Both have a a-Si Active Martix TFT LCD panel. We can see that Hanvon screen is slighlt brighter and more contrasted, but it only has 262k colors and a slightly worst view angle. Wacom pen technology is patented so we can imagine it's quite different from the one on the Hanvon, though we would need some testing to understand how much different.

    I would also keep in mind that Wacom is producing that tablet for the industry leader so they have all reasons for using top quality technologies and materials. For the same reason finding the spare parts is also very easy for a Wacom, and I don't know if it is easy for the Hanvons too.

    Anyway, the links :

    I was almost buying a Cintiq some months ago, but I decided to save money for a better monitor (so I kept my Intuos3 and I bought a NEC 2490WUXi2).

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