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Thread: Some more beginner questions

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    Question Some more beginner questions

    I have a couple of questions that againmust be silly or you had answered before I apologize in advance.

    First how can we make the first layer transparent, like I want the designs I'n doing on top to be on the back but the very first layer is white and when I drag down the upper layer it doesnt show?

    Another thing can we drag and move whatever we are drawing?

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    In AR3 all layers per default are transparent. In AR2.5 you can in the layer menu 'Edit paper settings' reduce the option 'Opacity' to 0%. Good luck.

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    you can use the transform tool to edit contents of a layer

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    Hi Jana,

    The answers to your questions are dependent on the version ArtRage you are using. I assume you're using AR 2.5, because the layers are transparent by default in AR 3, but I'll provide answers for both versions of the program.

    how can we make the first layer transparent

    ArtRage 2.5:
    1 - Right click on the layer with the background (most likely the base layer)

    2 - From the layer menu, select the "Edit Paper Settings" option.

    3 - With the Canvas Editing panel open, locate the "Opacity" dial (third dial from the right, near the bottom), and change it to "0%".

    4 - Click "OK" to accept the changes.
    ArtRage 3:
    Note First - Nothing should need to be done, because all of the layers are transparent by default, but should one choose to have a checkerboard background (the default appearance for a transparent canvas), then please follow the steps below.

    1 - Select the Menu Tab on the Layers Panel (it's the tab with the four black lines across it) and select the "Canvas Settings" options (Note: Do not confuse this option with the "Edit Layer Texture" option. They do not perform the same tasks).

    2 - With the Canvas Panel open, locate the "Opacity" dial (along the left side, near the top) and change it to "0%" (you should see the changes immediately).

    3 - Close the Canvas Panel by clicking on the black "X" on the top right of the panel.

    can we drag and move whatever we are drawing

    ArtRage 2.5:
    Note First - There is no selection tool in AR2.5, but one can move the contents of a layer. To do so, please follow the steps below.

    1 - Go to the layer panel and right click on the layer you would like to move, to bring up the layer menu and select the "Transform Layer Contents" option (The canvas should go into it's transformation state at that point).

    2 - Once you have gone into the transform canvas state, you'll see a panel at the bottom of the screen. Selecting the arrowed, plus sign-like tab will allow you move the canvas by holding down the left mouse button and dragging over the layer. The magnifying glass will allow you scale the layer contents by left click and dragging the mouse either left or right. The tab that has an arrow forming a circle allows you to rotate the layer by left click and dragging over the canvas. (you will find other options by clicking on the gray triangle on the end of the panel as well).

    3 - Click "OK" to accept the changes.
    ArtRage 3:
    Note First - There are number of ways to move things in ArtRage 3. One can edit the entire contents of a layer or use the selection tool to pick only a small area of a given layer to move/change. The step for both methods are the same once the area to moved has been decided.

    1 - Do one of the following:
    A - Select the entire layer by right clicking on the layer in the layer panel and selecting "Transform Layer Contents" (a transformation box will appear around the painted area of layer).

    B - Use the Selection Tool to select an area of the canvas and then click on the area with the Move Tool to engage the transformation box.
    2 - With the area surrounded with the transformation box, use the knobs around the box to make changes such as scaling and stretching, rotate the area by moving the cursor over the edges of the box (you'll see the cursor turn into a arrow that forms a circle for this) and move the selection by left clicking within the box and dragging over the area.

    3 - With the changes made, hit your enter key (or right click on the canvas anywhere outside of the transformation box) to accept the changes. (Note: If you used the Selection Tool to grab a specific area, you'll need to go to "Edit > Deselect All" or click the "Clear Selection" tab on the Settings Panel for the Selection Tool to remove the selection area).
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    Thank you so much guys !

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