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Thread: Changing Light Direction

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    Changing Light Direction

    Forgive such a simple question, but I can't find in the manual how to change the light direction on the work. I'm trying to create some high resolution images and I don't really like the single upper left corner light by itself. Is there any way to change this or add more lights? Thanks.


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    Hi John try going to edit paper settings and turn the metal to 0% i think thats what you are after
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    Thanks for the reply. However, unfortunately that's not the answer. I just checked that setting and it's at zero already.

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    Hi Sirhibernac,

    ArtRage 2 has fixed lights currently, so there's no way to move them around manually. This is something we have in our list of suggestions to be considered for future updates though.
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    Hi, I'm new to Art Rage but have used Deep Paint 2.0 quite a bit. It is the predecessor version of their much more elaborate Deep Paint 3d program. Deep Paint 2.0 is old, but I still find it very usefull for certain things. Oh, btw it is completely free.
    a) You can change the direction/ appearance of the lighting at any time.
    b) You can access the respective bump, specularity and color channels directly and separately (this is extremely useful for me).

    DaveRage, is it possible to add the above-listed items to the ArtRage wishlist?

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    Actually Deep Paint 3D was written before Deep Paint 2d, back when Deep Paint was known as 4D Paint.
    The 2D version just uses a specialization of the 3D rendering proc.

    But in my opinion (as I was the guy who wrote all the rendering and paint technology in Deep Paint) it's slow as a dog, and apalling quality.
    I've got better at graphics since then...

    In ArtRage as a workaround for not liking top-left lighting, you could rotate your canvas before you start painting by 90 or 180 degrees. Then when you do the export, use another application to rotate the ouput to the same orientation.
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