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Thread: Brush Suggesstion...

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    Brush Suggesstion...

    I think it would be cool to be able to just set your brush/pen down and have it snap to the edge of the screen. If you have a 15% Oil brush with yellow paint on it in your hand, you could just set it down and pick it up later. Every brush that you create (say... a 23% oil brush with red paint on it) would stack on top of the yellow one along the edge of the screen... you could switch back and forth quickly and easily from the red brush and yellow one, and the size and settings of each brush would remain intact. You could even create your own presets to where certain brushes and pens would appear at the beginning of each session. This would save a lot of tweak-time.
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    An innovative suggestion, I like this!
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    Very cool idea, I can just imagine doing that on any tool, not just paint!

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    What an interesting idea!

    Of course, this opens a whole new can of worms: how to represent different brushes visually, so you can pick the right one? Wouldn't the stored brushes add too much screen clutter?

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    Maybe it could show the properties of the brush if you hover over it?
    You could also show colour it is by a 'splat' of paint at the end of the brush like you'd get if you set it down on a tray or something, but it's just a suggestion.

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    I very much like this idea! Having a selectiong of brushes/pens at the side to pick up and use is very intuitive.

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    Sweet idea! I like this because it pretty much mirrors the way I like to work in real media... I have several brushes on the go - each belonging to a certain color family and different applications. And in AR3 it would mean that the properties of each brush are more immediatly available, particularly if remembered with each painting as is with stencils etc. This would be very cool and seems very ArtRagey IMHO - in the way that AR mimics real work space.

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    this is a great idea !

    Wouldn't the stored brushes add too much screen clutter?
    I think all we would need would be another pod, when we open it, we could see our stored brushes. I like the idea more and more.
    Looks a bit like some tear off palette, where one keep his/her own favourite brushes, but here it's more project based.
    This is very cool !
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    Yes that would be a great idea! Corel Painter has had that ability for awhile.


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