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Thread: how to vary texture with chalk "dabs"

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    how to vary texture with chalk "dabs"

    I'm creating a texture by "dabbing" with the chalk. the texture looks excellent, but I'm having a time getting color variety into it.

    I believe that the problem is that whenever you dab in a given spot, there's only one bit of texture for that part of the drawing, rather than a slightly different bit, so that if you dab with light green then go in with another color, you're going to go over the green, not interspersed with it.

    maybe that's just the way it is? maybe each time I change color, I need to make a little adjustment in that layer's paper texture?

    I guess the chalk utilizes some unseen texture pattern rather than calculating its "chalkyness" as you draw or dab?

    thanks for any insight!


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    The canvas you're painting on doesn't change over time so if you're dabbing on the same spot the overall texture of your chalk will be about the same. Changing the paper texture would do it, or varying the pressure of the single impression of the tool on the canvas.
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    OK..thank you for the confirmation. And is it also true that the chalk (other brushes, too?) source the layer's paper texture for the texture they leave, or interact with?


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