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Thread: Painting evaluation

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    Painting evaluation

    I have a painting wich I only now is around 80-100 years old and it's an oil painting on canvas. I can't seem to find a signature. Anyway, i want to sell it and I'm not sure how much to charge for it. Maybe there are some persons here who are conneseurs on this field and can help with this. Maybe is a copy of a painting and someone could recognize it.Thank you.
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    Not a clue, but that frame will be worth some money with or without the painting.

    You know, the image has an illustrative quality to me and a clever placement of the text would be expected were it to run as an advert for soap or something. The painter was fairly skilled. Not an A level. But not bad.

    The tones while somewhat close together do not suggest a two color job. Maybe three. If you can figure out if the palette was limited then you can assume it was for print. Not sure it was limited as fading could have happened or they may have been after a soft look.

    That it's not signed could mean many things. Could be somebody more mainstream was moonlighting in the risque. Could be the work of an advanced student or a copy of something else.

    No idea really. Cool thing though. Ladies would probably like it in the bathroom perhaps, to set a tone, or remind them which room they're in when the bathtub gin gets drained.

    If you find out anything, please let us know.
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    I'm with DA on two things: 1) I haven't a clue and 2) the frame!

    Are you able to take the back off the frame off without damaging anything to see if there is any kind of sig or reference on the back of the canvas?

    I don't know where you live, but for the fun of it, if their a serious art dealers in your area it might be fun to take it around and see what kind off different (or consistent) feedback they give you.

    Now that you've brought it up, it would be fun to know whatever you find out. Keep us in the loop.
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    ,, maybe a Gibson Girl style or time??? good luck!
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    ,,, ps, also found this, in the style also??? love a good mystery, good luck again!!! Maybe an Antiques Roadshow in your area some day?
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