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Thread: Wacom pen pressure and ArtRage 3

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    Wacom pen pressure and ArtRage 3

    I'm trying out the ArtRage 3 demo to see if i can replace PS for sketching but have been unable to get the program to recognise the pressure sensitivity on my Wacom Intuos 3.

    I've seen other posts related to similar issues with 2.5. I have tried playing with the input preferences without success. I aslo tried loading the program while holding the space bar - this gave me pen pressure but the brushes no longer matched the pen tip (it draws a few inches offset from the cursor). Regardless the issue is always back whenever i start the program again.

    I've seen links to a file that goes in the artrage folders that is supposed to fix 2.5 - does this work with the 3.0.x demo?

    Any help?

    EDIT: I am using the latest Wacom drivers and am running windows 7 Home Premium (64bit).

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    Check the Wacom prefs


    take a look at the Wacom driver prefs. Maybe there is mouse mode active
    instead of the Intuos 3 stencil.

    I had the same problem under XP. Some software that I installed must have
    changed the tablet setting.

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    Problems with pressure usually relate to the Wacom drivers and Windows Ink Services / Tablet Settings interfering with each other.

    The file that you mention for ArtRage 2 prevents the application from loading Ink Services, forcing it to use the Wacom input system instead. In ArtRage Studio Pro, the Preferences Panel's Input section has a switch that allows you to turn Ink Services off, this does the same thing as the old file solution. If you have not downloaded the 3.0.6 demo, do so before toggling that switch, there was a problem with the display of its value in 3.0.5.

    If turning Ink Services off and restarting doesn't solve the problem, there may be interference from other drivers on the system. Could you let us know the model of the machine you are using, including any information on input devices such as touch screens that may have drivers running, and we should be able to help.
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