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Thread: Canada Flag Day

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    Canada Flag Day

    Although watching the Winter Olympics is not an official requirement or obligation of a Canadian citizen, it's expected that you are at least aware of them. After all, we do have about 6 months of winter. This little doodle came to me as I was watching the events the other night, and couldn't help noticing the abundance of the red and white maple leaf banners in the crowd. And, the 15th of February is officially Canada Flag Day (the flag was first flown 45 years ago)

    About 20 minutes total time, oils and knife.
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    The Flag is fabulous. Well done.

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    Well painted and best wishes to Canadians for Your national event (I've got some cousins of my mom in Toronto).

    Always a great events the Olympics and the Winter edition was supposed to have a perfect place in Canada, but I learned snow is surprisingly absent right this year in Vancouver (when we had instead snow in Rome after 14 years, melting in one day though).
    I was particularly struck by the terrible deadly accident occured the day before their start with the racing toboggan tests and I had a very bad impression on safety of that ending leg ....
    Olympics remain a great event, especially in a marvellous country like Canada, particularly full of natural beauties and nice people, but it will take some time to accept such a tragedy concentrating only on the games.

    More modestly, here, tomorrow it will be Carnival period end (it looks like passed quite unnoticed notwitstanding its millenarian history and some unique celebrations taking place in several places of the world).
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Wonderful painting of the Canadian flag Lee! I just heard Canada received the Gold in Mens Freestyle - Mogul Skiing! Right on! Skiing is something near and dear to my heart growing up in Colorado so I always look forward to the Winter Games.

    Canada is a wonderful country to be attached to! Happy Flag Day Canada!
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    Nice, Lee!
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    Very nice Lee.

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    Yikes...another crazy Canuck...!!! Fantastic painting of our flag...!!!

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    That flag recalled me when I went in Canada with my (future) wife few years ago. Went in Toronto to meet relatives and Banff for hiking. Great days!
    Never been in Vancouver but wish to visit ASAP

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    Dear Lee, Such a beautiful painting!!! do remember when it bacame official as i always saw it on the penny and stupidly thought it was the official Canada flag emblem,,, got to watch part of the opening ceremony, the pictures projected down on the floor were so stunning and thrilling, the scene with the whales swimming across the floor, the maple leaves too,,,well!! amazing!!! some of our nearby hockey players from Pittsburgh Penguins will play for the Canada team and other teams, Best Wishes!!!

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