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Thread: Knife tool slow in hi res picture

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    Knife tool slow in hi res picture

    When using the knife tool in a picture with several layers and a dpi set at 200 there is a noticeable lag as the results catch up with the tool. If the tool is moved rapidally, the result can be 2 to 3 inches behind the tool.

    I realize there is a lot of processing going on. My question. Is this because my processor is to slow or do I need more Ram memory or perhaps the operating system is the issue.

    Compaq Presario R3000 notebook with Pentium 4 processor speed 3 GHz and 1.5 GB of Ram memory. Operating System Windows XP. Painting size is 2350 by 1700 pix.
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    My Green Man painting is about the same size but with a dpi of 72. I have an Athlon X3 710 with 6gbs of ram and Windows 7 64 bit... The palete knife is slow for me as well...

    I guess the key is not paint at such a large size. Do the basic blocking in using a smaller image size then resize up when it's nearing the detail stage...???

    I don't think this problem is unique to ArtRage. I think all 2D apps have this problem. Perhaps a 64 bit version of AR would fix this problem????



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    I have the same experience as you have.

    Ram is not the problem as AR does not need much. My HD led is off while using AR3 - so the PC does not swap.

    I assume the speed issue is related to the rendering algorithm.

    It looks like as it has to be optimized or maybe they need to use the
    graphics cards GPU as coprocessor to speed things up.

    At least I think it is very interesting that multicore owners have the same speed problems like me with my old P4.

    I wonder if AR 3 even makes use of more than one core?

    Maybe there is some range for more optimization.

    At least the threads here helped me in the decision not to buy a new mainboard now, but to invest the money into a NAS.

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    If you're using the soft palette knife mode that will generally be significantly slower than the other modes. ArtRage was built to work with natural style tools and the soft knife is a fairly digital process that has to shift around significantly more data (it shifts the volume, wetness, and metallicity of the paint in addition to the colour and processes blending on top of that). While a faster processor would speed this up, it will never run as quickly as the other modes which take a less digital approach to their application.

    Speed here has nothing to do with the rendering process and using the GPU to render would make no difference. Turning off the canvas lights basically turns off the rendering process and you'll see if you try that that it makes little difference to the speed of the smooth knife mode.

    As ArtRage is currently single threaded, only one core will be used during stroke processing.
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