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Thread: Pallette Knife / New Preset Ideas

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    Pallette Knife / New Preset Ideas

    Not sure if this fits within the existing scope of the PK,
    but might be the best place for it
    (tool would operate in a localised area as PK applied etc)

    1) A Preset tool that increases the contrast and or saturation between colour edges / boundaries
    There could be a host of interesting settings
    with adjustable tolerances, radii etc

    2) A Preset tool that smooths the boundaries (graphical x,y arrangement) between areas of different colours and or contrasts
    Again there could be a similar host of adjustable settings, radii etc
    (Like a simplfying function but that retains integrity of primary edges)

    3) A Preset tool that inserts / overpaints 3D furrows / bevels between areas described in 2) by means of shading. could have a secondary workover CRTL + Tool option for direction of shading etc
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