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Thread: creating the non-existent according to the rules

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    creating the non-existent according to the rules

    When I found this place remembered the interesting discussion started by Arenhaus. Here an artist made up a primitive planet with a peculiar zoology. But he attached himself to the rules of Evolution, mixing Earth biological forms and textures. So, there is fantasy with rules instead of pure chance. You can say that he works without references but after a deep comprehension of the matter. Enjoy.
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    Wow...a very good link... Fun read...!!!

    Cheers & many thanks....


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    That Jacek Yerka link is amazing Sweedie. I loved his gorgeous description of his creative process hehehe Thanks for sharing
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    Sweedie, I've looked at the project, and it does not appear to be any sort of surrealism or chimerae.

    These critters are made by applying evolutionary and anatomical logic to a different basic set of structures. Imaginative biology, not Goya-esque monsters.

    If there is anything in prior art that this project is close to, it is not Yerka's fantasies, it's Wayne Barlowe's "Expedition". If you have seen that book, not only the overall similarity but even specific visual influences are very evident.

    Some illustrations from "Expedition":

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