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Thread: Building up colour ??

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    Building up colour ??

    hi, thanks for this great forum, i just love Artrage 3!!

    I was wondering if there were any tutorials on how to build up colour inmany layers as you would with oils or other media.. i know you can take from the real world but digitally i find a little different ie using layers, how the colours will mix etc..

    thanks for any ideas or help


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    create a layer with the colors of choice(like a palet)
    create a new layer and use alt+click to choose the colors from the palet layer.
    You need to have some settings changed to make the colors mix more lifelilke to suit your needs.

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    There is a tutorial ,made by our friend Fashmir,on the glazing technique in ArtRage 2.5. I'm sure it will still work in verion 3.
    You'll find it here.
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    hey.. thanks everyone.. some good stuff there... tried a little of the fashmir tut but there a few more settings in v3 pro.. will have to play a lot more.. hee hee.. there's a lot of hidden settings you can play with..

    hakoo, ill give that a go..

    I remember seeing some speedpainting on youtube and remember 1 really talended guy doing a protrait of a famous model, the way he built the colour up to produce the final painting is also what im after... how do you learn that stuff..

    cheers.. happy painting..
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