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Thread: color sample panel

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    color sample panel

    Hey there,
    How about showing the name of the sampler file somewhere. If I add a color to a sampler and I need to save it to its old name, I am stumped sometimes. Yes, I can write down which one I opened, but in the heat of inspiration, who remembers!
    If it would be inconvenient (space restriction), can anyone suggest anything? please.


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    Good idea! I have a note in my task lists to look at redoing the colour samples panel to bring it in to line with the other resource type pickers, and something like this would certainly work in well with that.
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    A couple of comments about the Samples menu:

    1) Would it be possible to add collapsible submenus? I have a color set for each character in a comic, and it would be nice if each character had its own section that I can open and close.

    2) Somewhat related: I would love to be able to tweak the .col file by editing it in a text editor. That doesn't seem to be possible, currently.

    Thanks for considering these requests!

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    Great ideas.
    I would like:-
    a) the ability to switch to a larger swatch size.
    b) at the moment the palette is orientated vertically, I'd like to be able to switch it to horizontally so that I could run it along the bottom of my screen.
    Thanks for your consideration
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