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Thread: sadness...

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    Dear friends,

    I suffered while drawing this scene which was for me really heart-aching.
    That is also the reason why I have not been able to finish it.

    I hope you'll appreciate it and before everything feel the same as I felt while painting it...

    Kind regards,

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    ...Life is a rainbow born from both rain and sun in order to show us its bright colors... Life is like that too from rain to sunshine... and at the end a bright colorful path you've walked on...

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    I love it.
    One of my favorite pieces here so far.

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    Very nice work

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    My emotions over ran me viewing this emotional and impressive painting, Pedro. I deeply feel your pain and sorrow. This is striking and speaks volumes as to the emotions you've put into it. My utmost respect and adoration on such a beautiful piece.

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    Pedro, I think it is finished. Your pain, for whatever reason (and I'll assume loss), comes through strongly. This strikes me as a very well articulated statement with a lot of personal emotional content ... a Jungian exercise in art as therapy. It's also a really great piece of art.

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    "Come to me angel of music. . ."

    The Phantom of the Opera understood pain. He also had a half mask.
    In the musical, it seemed like they made him the demonic and jealous passion for their art which in that case was Music.

    I can see this as a face made up of one half a blank canvas and the other a reaction to the implied demand for completion all at once. I think it is far more powerful than had you finished both sides. It will never be completed, I'm afraid. There will always be a blank canvas waiting for something great.

    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Well done Pedro and thanks for sharing this one with us
    Sometimes...I remember better with my eyes closed

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    Dear friends,

    I have no words to tell you how moved I am while reading you, reading you words...

    I have shared with you this one, such as others, maybe trying to find an answer, maybe to see in your words a hint leading me to the answer I seek...

    But maybe I'll ask you then this thing, although Robert this one is not about a loss its coming (of this painting) still puzzles me... sometimes frightens me but most of the time lessen the weight of my own soul...

    I won't tell you a lot of details of the how and when, but what do you think of the question I ask myself each time I took the brush...

    Do you think you could fall so much in love with someone you've not met in 10 years and each time I took the brush, I access her soul, her feelings and in my paintings only reflects the happyness I feel when she feels at the same moment such as the pain she bears when I, far from her, feel her so and make the painting I made yesterday ?

    I had read a lot of Carl Jung's books and essays as you've guessed Robert, and for a long time my paintings where the place to empty my heart and soul... but this time in each of my last paintings I felt this person, this soulmate she is such as our existences have been bound together...

    I can't feel more puzzled being cartesian and rationalist, but this time I feel I have no options left to feel her and maybe only trying to soothe what she needs, being the armor she had not, being simply her soulmate...

    there you'll may have noticed my heart transcribing hers, but I gave you all some of the keys I have, please let me know what you think ? I'll be always glad to hear from you

    Kind regards to you all friends,

    ...Life is a rainbow born from both rain and sun in order to show us its bright colors... Life is like that too from rain to sunshine... and at the end a bright colorful path you've walked on...

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    It sounds very dynamic, this relationship of yours. Robert seems to be onto something that touches you. But I'm anxious to hear the discussion among the group as much as you are.

    I will merely address a side note about what happens when we are in love in a situation that does not find a resolution, in which the natural next step of being with that special person in the world is just out of our physical grasp.

    When there is something in the way that we cannot move with directly, it builds such a powerful creative charge that it could artistically send you to the stars. Parts of you that you may not know you had inside will begin to activate as possible alternatives to move the energy.

    I have experienced such feelings. Most of us have. Not exactly your way exactly, but my version of it.

    Historically, look at Dante and Beatrice, or Petrarch and Lara etc. You have great potential here for Art and Life. It's one of the best sources of inspiration that we have available to us, in my frame of reference anyway.

    And the energy is not dependent on the outcome, although it is important to you.

    The Muse is doing one of her most beautiful dances in your honor. It looks like you already are beginning to dance with her. Keep your eyes open. She knows many steps.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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