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    Pen question

    I'm currently using Artrage 2.5... I've downloaded the AR 3 demo and am about to upgrade. My question is, do I need AR 3 or Studio Pro?

    My only gripe with AR 2.5 is the inability to adjust the pen tip. With the ($40) AR 3, am I able to adjust the pen tip's properties and save the settings (pressure, aspect, rotation, opacity, smoothing, square head, antialias edge)? I pretty much need a square head ink pen tip to do cartooning work. Am I about to spend $40 or $80?
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    As a guy who has done a LOT of cartoon work, I have to say I LOVE the smoothing pen feature of AR3 pro. It is the main reason I bought an upgrade from 2.5. I generally have done work on paper and scanned to color etc. in the computer. For me, AR3's pen tool has the potential for me to draw directly with the tablet. I have also found that you can get a very wide variation from thin to thick with the pen based on pressure. Hope this helps. Al

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    We're working on a demo of Studio as well at the moment but in the meantime there's a comparison chart of features available here:

    Presets can be saved in both versions, but the antialiasing, opacity and square head options are only available in Pro. Other features (Pressure, rotation, aspect, and smoothing) are available in both versions.

    Hope that helps!
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