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Thread: pen problem on panaboard IWB

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    pen problem on panaboard IWB

    We recently bought Art Rage for our school and find that the tools work perfectly well on the desktops and laptops, but the canvas remains blank when using the stylus on the Panaboard. Selecting tools/colours etc works fine with the stylus, and certain tools like the palette knife work, but the oil paint and other drawing tools certainly don't.

    Strange, any suggestions would be welcome!


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    It looks like this board is related to the Smart whiteboard technology? If so, there was a problem in their earlier firmware that caused an issue very much like this, it should be fixed if you update to the latest drivers and firmware revision from the manufacturer. If that does not help, could you contact us directly via with details on the operating system you are using and we'll do some troubleshooting to see if we can track the problem down.

    Hope that helps!
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    Thank you Matt.
    We will be getting driver updates soon so I'll wait until then and see what happens. Thanks for your reply

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