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Thread: Wasted My Time?

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    Wasted My Time?

    Today I doodled and colored a collection of individual items for what I will call a collection. I saved each separately. Now I would like to resize and assemble them all onto one page. I'm not sure if ArtRage can help me in this. I have Inkscape and Gimp - don't know if they can help - but do know that they both are waaaay more involved than ArtRage and if possible would prefer not using them.

    CAN ArtRage accomodate me? Can I paste, resize and arrange ten different designs on a page about 9" x 14"? Please tell me I haven't wasted my time. >crossing fingers<

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    AR is certainly capable of this, you just need to juggle some layers.

    1. Create a new 9 x 14 painting.

    2. Import each design as a layer (File>Import image file as layer)

    3. Use the EDIT>Transform Layer Contents function to resize and position each layer.

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    Thank you for your reply. I will certainly give that a try later this afternoon.

    Another question... I brought up one of the doodles I had made because I wanted to work on it a bit more. When I did this, the layers themselves would open, but were not available for rework. I could not undo anything that had been saved. Am I missing a click someplace or had I better be sure whatever I save is a "finished" product. This seems odd though, when I look at works in progress under other headings, the art shown surely takes days to complete.

    Let me say that I have enjoyed looking at your work. Your self portraits (?) are wonderful. You are light years beyond me when it comes to illustration. (as most people are ) But that is OK.

    Thanks again.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alkratzer View Post
    3. Use the EDIT>Transform Layer Contents function to resize and position each layer.
    Thanks a lot Alkratzer, this helps me a lot. I was importing the images as a tracing, and then converting tracing image to paint, which put it on the layer. Your way is much better. Tee, Hee, I didn't understand the "Transform" function so I left it alone.

    Just goes to show how versatile AR is, when it can do the same thing many ways. Yay!
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    @ Motherbear,
    When you import an image to an layer its just like it states,a completed image imported to a single layer.
    though re-sizable and rota-table,you cannot edit its contents.
    If you want the contents be editable,do the following;
    open AR3 copy all layers one by one(tedious but the only way)
    Open a new instance of AR3 and paste every object separately on the new canvas.
    You must do this for every separate AR3 file you wish to combine into one


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