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Thread: two handy shortcuts?

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    Question two handy shortcuts?

    Would it be nice to be able to:

    1. toggle the visibility of the selection marquee (the 'walking ants') without removing the selection. Then it's easier to judge e.g. if the selection was made with the correct feather settings.

    2. delete a selection with just the delete key (Ctrl + X does it for now)?

    Or are these features hidden somewhere?

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    There's no Hide Selection shortcut currently and Cut is the only way to clear, but both of these are useful ideas so I'll add them to the list to consider for future updates.
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    This just gave me an idea, since I use AR on a tablet PC with no keyboard and keyboard shortcuts are next to useless there.

    How about making a customizable "button palette" in addition to keyboard shotrtcuts? So we could not just have keyboard shortcuts, but also "stylus shortcuts" - if I use, for instance, a lot of Rulers, I could add buttons for "toggle stencil visibility" and "add ruler" to the palette, and tap them with the stylus. Like customizable "pods", or a separate palette for just those.

    It might work even if you have a keyboard, for less frequent tasks for which you don't want to memorize the keys.

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