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Thread: good tablet to use with artrage studio pro

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    good tablet to use with artrage studio pro

    hi folks
    am still testing and enjoying my demo version of StudioPro3
    which i am buying when i get paid next week ( already own and love artrage 2).
    just wondering how many people just use their mice to paint with, or whether a tablet is a good idea ?
    have got a good 1920x1080 monitor resolution and fast pc so it should cope. any recommendations from anyone greatly appreciated.

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    Anything made by Wacom is good. I started off with there bottom of the range Wacom Graphire (I guess the Bamboo is th ecurrent equivalent). The kids still use it on the other computer, but it has a dent in the middle dating from when a three year old tried to make it work using a ball point pen. I use an Intuos 3 now - more expensive and more sensitive - but I notice the difference with the more expensive one mostly in Photoshop r Illustrator - it doesn't seem to be so important in Art Rage (which I've only just started playing with - the kids have had ART Rage 2 for ages)

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    I have a Wacom Intuous 3 upgrading past summer from a Wacom Graphire....



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    Definitely get a tablet - drawing with a mouse is a pain.

    Depending on your budget you should look at a a Bamboo or an Intuos - Bamboo for <$100 and Intuos for up to $400 (depending on size). Those are good ones - I have a Bamboo Fun.

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