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Thread: Greetings from the Wye Valley

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    Greetings from the Wye Valley

    Hello everyone,

    I have been lurking on these forums for a quite a while now and thought it was about time I started to post...

    My daily visits have made me learn a lot about art, and how different people view life. I have seen Katie's flowers grow to a wonderful garden and Peter find his marbles, but I do miss Puddy's adventures though ... And I cannot forget the singing sheep.....

    I have noticed that there seem to be some 'interesting' discussions taking place at the moment. One thing that puzzles me is how can people criticise another's ability when I can find no recent examples of their own artistic endeavours (unless I am looking in the wrong place...)

    I admit that I have only used AR very briefly (I'm more in to textiles than 'traditional' art). In time I do hope to be able to borrow a tablet (my mouse does not work anywhere as well as Katie's !!) and try out the wonderful program.

    I look forward to seeing more wonderful creations from you soon, I will continue to be creative in my own way until I get more time and the tablet I've been promised ...

    As I haven't got any AR paintings to post, here is something I made earlier
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    Welcome to the forums ......hehe

    Glad you are here....

    I have noticed that there seem to be some 'interesting' discussions taking place at the moment. One thing that puzzles me is how can people criticise another's ability when I can find no recent examples of their own artistic endeavours (unless I am looking in the wrong place...)

    Well, some people are indeed learning art here and others are teaching and some think they are just smarter? than everyone else. What can I say, this is life no matter where you go. Some people forget that learning should be fun and everyone learns in their own ways. Pushing them or criticizing them especially to do it a different way is well, wrong. It is their choice. BUT then some people just do not get it, do they, even when you remind them.

    You really do not have to use a pen tablet for your art, a mouse can work just fine.... ok not as accurate but it can be fun too. Give it a go.....what do have to loose except.....a lot of time Painting and enjoying AR.

    I use a mouse since my HP Tablet PC (expensive com) has bit the dust after 1 yeAR and 2 days.....since new. hummm ok back to the mouse for now. It was an adjustment to say the least but it is ok for now.

    Hope you enjoy your ARTRAGE! and the forums, we have so many great people here. Welcome aboard.

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    Hello, Wyesue and welcome to the forum! Your quilt is just beautiful and stunning!!! I wish I knew how to quilt. My husband's grandmother quilted and I wish that I had the time (raising three sons and working full-time) and she lived a bit closer (about 1 1/2 hours away) while she was alive. I do crochet - mostly blankets and would like to start learning more about knitting.

    I think everyone "lurks" this forum before they join as well while they get more adept at using ArtRage. I know I did! I, too, tried the mouse (Oh, that Coops sure can whip out beautiful paintings with hers!) for about a week and then ended up getting a Bamboo Fun. It was about a month after getting AR that I joined this forum and I haven't looked back since! The kindness and support one receives in this forum is priceless.

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    Welcome to the forums! You´ll find that most are very friendly and encouraging. Some recently haven´t been, but then you can just ignore them anyway. That´s one great quilt!!!!
    The only problem with humor is that no one takes it seriously.

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    Welcome to the forums, Wyesue.

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    Hello Wyesue, how do you do? Thanks for liking my sheep, there has been some very woolly thinking here lately but the ignore button is our friend and thankfully rarely necessary.

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    Welcome to the forum Wyesue. This is probably the most friendly forum you will find. Of course there are a few rowdy kids who make trouble just like in any family but, almost everyone is very polite and considerate.
    I have been trying to do other things and I still find myself coming back here now and then.
    Enjoy yourself and don't worry about posting or anything else while you are here. Have fun.
    Love one another.-Jesus

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    Welcome Wyesue.

    I'm down the road in sometimes rather wet Gloucestershire.

    You have to get yourself a tablet - you really do, unless you have some kind of masochistic streak that needs fulfilling. It doesn't have to be an all singing, all dancing Wacom. I began with a small Aiptek that cost me £50, came with various bundled software and transformed my experience of attempting to do art on a pc.

    Apparently Genius do a really competitive range with fantastic specifications for the money. A fraction of the cost of a Wacom. I would urge you to save your pennies unitl you can afford a tablet of some sort.

    If you do like to draw and paint, and have done so in real media, a tablet is extremely likey to make a huuuuge difference to how you get on in digital.

    Just me interfering - but I mean well - honest.

    Either way - enjoy your time here. It's a good place to be.

    Nick Harris Artwork

    New system as of April 2011
    i5 quad core - Asus P7P55LX
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    Thank you all for you messages of welcome and interest in my quilt.

    I'm hoping that I will take delivery of a tablet next weekend.
    If I get on with my knitting commissions I should manage to find some time to use it soon....

    Rose, I'm an English Rose (actually a red Lancastrian one, but dont live there anymore - my doctor when I was little was at The Penny Lane )

    Eileen, I'm sure there are several of knitting groups in your area that would love to share their knowledge... you could try asking at your local yarn store..

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    Welcome to the forums Wyesue! After about a month of trying to draw with my laptop's touch pad I went of and bought a Bambo Fun I have also drew with a mouse but the pen is so much easier

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