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Thread: A fruitful delight in watercolours

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    First of all I forgot to say that the flowers are the right complement to the juicy fruits both ideally offered to the lovely ladies in here who are, in most cases, dear and most appreciated friends to me and inspiring and motivating muse to my visual artistic and humouristic attempts.

    Dear Rose, I don't know if the roses I painted in here evocated You, but, in case, I would add at least a rose in any painting ... Thank You!

    Grazie Andrea! Vai pure con gli acquerelli. Chissà che meraviglie vedremmo!
    Thank You Andrea! Go on with watercolours. Who know which marvels we would see!

    Thank You Alien! I don't know if You've got these fruits on Your planet too ...

    I guess You would have preferred these elements on a pair of shoes, dear Katie, thank You anyway.

    Dearest AT-TA, I'd be so honoured to have it hanging in Your dining room that I should look for a nice marble block to send over there ... Thank You for Your outstandingly enthusiastic words on this experiment outside my most common subjects genres ...

    Dear Justjean, You anticipated me on this subject wonderfully and, when I grow young again, I'd still need further lives to do all I'd like to and improve as much as I wish ... Thank You!

    I wouldn't speculate too much on all the physical effects I may generate on Your amazing brain with my paintings, dear Flyashy (also considering You use it upside down, looking at Your avatar). I suspect that they may be the worst ones in some cases

    Thank You, dear Scott! Achieving a good understanding and handling of these watercolours may possibly constitute a hope I might eventually better understand and handle decently ladies too one day ...

    More or less the same effect of Your bride painting, my dear Amanda, probably because the bouquet looked particularly appetising. Thank You!

    Dearest Jessica, Your words explain why it took longer than the usual one-two hours time to compose and complete this. All the contradictions You see and the swirling and vibrant effects are not a demonstration of great planning and technical capabilities, but rather the opposite, i.e. that I didn't use a firm procedure and proficient techniques, but that I switched off almost since the start the automatic pilot to drive manually and intuitively on such a complex subject to put together and harmonise.
    In the WIP section it was correctly observed that I should have started with the background and at least a base tone for each element first, to enhance the possibility of a successful painting. Since I didn't, it was a real challenge to get some honest outcome ... but, for this reason, even more exciting for me to complete.
    My most heartfelt thanks for Your flattering and delightful commnt and insightful analysis, my dear friend.
    I hope to go on see You and Your artpieces here as frequently as You can.

    Pls, help Yourself, dearest Sandra! They're all biological products. Thank You!
    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyashy View Post
    Ah Caesar,
    your paintings always manage to generate a physical effect on me...
    this time it's hunger!

    Great one!
    I think Flyashy sums up my feelings on this one,Let's eat!! Great job Caesar!

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    A beautiful painting, my friend; lively and colorful, vibrant and "tasty" (and an added calories!); all in your distinctive painterly "voice." Nicely done, Caesar

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    Very impressive Caesar. Beautiful painting
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    The only possible criticism is the placement and prominence of your signature, my friend. The rest is watercolor wonder.

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    FRESH! Delightful, Caesar....the color palette showcases the fruits beautifully.
    Kind words can be short and easy to speak but their echoes are truly endless. ~Mother Teresa

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    Hey! You finished my painting from the WIP forum! I wasn't expecting it so soon! Thanks, Caesar!!!!

    This is just incredible and so full of character. It has all the right ingredients of a masterfully painted still life. Your skill with the watercolors is just remarkable and each and every painting you do with them are just a delight to see.

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    Dear SCP, pls help Yourself then! It seems I'm often able to raise the most atavistic instincts ... Thank you!

    Dear Jbyrjbyr1, what a flattering, warm (and dietetic) compliments sequence ... Thank You!

    Just think twice about eating the apple, dear Evart! I wouldn't like it was supplied by either Snow-white mother-in-law or the Edend's Snake ...
    Thank You!

    You're absolutely right, dear Bob. My signature looks like a sort of too evident jelly splashed on the rear wall. I was probably affected and contaminated by Coops' gloop-art ... Thank you!

    Maybe it's still too cold to display such a fresh set of fruits and flowers, dear Foxy. Anyway You may drink the glass of wine to feel some warmth ... Thank You!

    Dear Eileen, I would then add herebelow the WIP with a clear graphical clue that I was dedicating this painting to You, apart from the fact that the palette is not that different from that of Your Avarat and Yourself look there a quite healthy and fresh fruit to pick ...
    Apart from my jokes, my most heartfelt thanks for Your enthusiastic comment, my friend!
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    Panta rei (everything flows)!

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    Amazing and very inspirational painting

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