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Thread: Crash Bug - Groups, Easy Repro

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    Crash Bug - Groups, Easy Repro

    I'm so very upset because I just lost a few hours of work. But it's my fault because I don't save often enough.

    Anyway, to repro make some layers with scribbles. Put them in a group and leave one of them out of the group. Make the group invisible. Undo. The group will be deleted. Now Redo and Undo twice. You'll crash.

    ArtRage 3.0.5, Windows Vista 32bit, Pentium D 3.4, Geforce 9600 GT, Wacom Cintiq 21 inch, latest drivers and updates.

    Also my recover file is corrupt.

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    Well spotted, thanks.
    That bug will be solved in the (soon to be released) 3.0.6 update.

    Thank you very much for the accurate description to reproduce the bug. It made it easy to solve.
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