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Thread: What Tablet should i get??

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    What Tablet should i get??

    Good day to you all! I was wondering what would be the best tablet for me to start with (i.e. not to expensive, yet very effective). I'm working on logos and t-shirt projects, but need the more hands on feel of a pencil, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  2. Well, depending on budget... the Wacom Bamboo Series is a nice entry-level-tablet...
    I am using a Bamboo CTH 460 with one of my older i Macs,
    works extremely well in Touch- and Pen-Mode, for all kinds of computer work...

    For serious drawing though, I would recommend a larger one...
    Personally, I use an Intuos 2 (9 x 12) for about 7 years now, I have got used to the size,
    so, I am slightly biased about smaller ones... :-)

    You might like and have a look at the CTH 661, I guess its slightly bigger...

    Otherwise, check out the Intuos 4, Small, Medium or Large...

    I would highly recommend to visit a Store and check those Tablets out before buying...
    Choose a size that best fits your style of drawing...
    Having a very small tablet in combination with a very large screen (24 - 30) might not
    work well together in the long run... choose wisely... Wacom Tablets last a long time...


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    Smile Gotta get dat WACOM!

    The Intuos 3 is great, I'm currently using it now. I also from time to time still use my old Intuos 2 as well on my gf's macbook. If you can afford the Intuos 4 there are some really killer improvements in the pen and mouse department, I'll soon be making the jump to the 4. The nice part about the Intuos series over the bamboo is the resolution and sensitivity are increased for professional work. Honestly there are other tablets out there but I really wouldn't go with anything else. Hope this helps.

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    I think you can still get original Intuos and Intuos 2 off eBay. They are cheaper than their current product lines, but have essentially the same functionality.

    As for which size to get - it depends on the size of your monitor most of all. If the difference between the two is too great (more than 2 times), using the tablet is going to be awkward.

    Also, try to find the tablet with the same aspect ratio as your monitor, so you don't waste tablet area to dead space.

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    I use a 4 x 6 intous 3 on a 24" monitor and with my 19" laptop and it works fine , I have read that the new Intous with it's rough pad cover wears the nibs out quickly, but which ever you get it's all personal preference, so try before you buy

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    Whatever your do don't be tempted to buy the Adesso Cybertablet. I went down this path and after 2 years of use, its no longer functioning properly. Lines are now "stair steps" and sporadic "twitching" when selecting toolbar commands. I've recently purchased the Intuos 4 and am hopeful that I'll be able to sketch without being frustrated.



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    I upgraded from a Wacom Graphire (previous Bamboo model) to an Intuos 3. The Intuos is so much more precise and responsive then the Graphire...especially pressure sensitivity....and that's not to slight the Graphire.... The Graphire was awesome.... The Intuos is even better....

    But either a Bamboo or Intuos will be a BIG improvement over a mouse....



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    Quote Originally Posted by justjean View Post
    I have read that the new Intous with it's rough pad cover wears the nibs out quickly
    Don't tell me : I have drawn maybe 8 to 12 hours with my recently acquired Intuas 4, and I am about to change the nib for the second time. I have heard that after a while, the surface of the tablet will get smoother and the nibs will wear off more slowly ...

    On the other hand, I hve to say that I like a lot the feeling of this new surface. It is very similar to pen and paper contact. So I guess that I have to go with th nibs consumption.

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    Well, I've attached my Intuos 4 after my car - face down - and did a few circles around the block. Now the drawing pad is very smooth and don't wear the nib down at all.


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    dont forget, Wacom does not ship out of the USA. Up here in Northern Ontario, the stores sell the pens, but its hard to purchase accessories or Nibs

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