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Thread: Amazing Talent

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    Amazing Talent

    I am amazed time after time at the collective talent represented by the artists of Art Rage. Some of the works are positively jaw-dropping. It is such a privilege to be able to rub shoulders and to learn from such awesomely talented people.

    The artists who are just discovering that the creative process flows in their veins and who share their beginnings with us........its mind boggling. I simply regret that it is next to impossible to respond to each work that is presented in the forum. Please know that we all try to offer as much encouragement as possible.

    Thanks again to the Art Rage Guys sitting down there in New Zealand for sharing Art Rage with us.

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    Ditto that, Bobbi! I, too, am amazed and inspired by the many wonderful and beautiful works that get created using ArtRage by the many members on this forum.

    I love that the members range in all different ages and from places all over the world. It's just remarkable how one software program can bring so many people together, open up their creativity and have it shared within this forum's community...and we all have the ArtRage Guys to thank!!!

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