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Thread: Need help making a stencil

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    Need help making a stencil

    I click on Stencils and it brings up the stencil pod. I click on the square on the extreme right side that has the 4 lines and a dot. That brings up a menu and the 4 th item down is "New Stencil from Layer Contents".
    The layer contains a black and white photo of water ripples.
    When I click on the "new stencil from layer contents", a red stencil like box appears around the entire photo, but the whold thing is blank.

    Screen shot 1 is the menu, screen shot 2 is the result, and screen shot 3 shows only the empty red box.

    What am I doing wrong?

    AR Studio Pro
    Windows XP
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    What you're attempting to do will not work by importing the image onto the canvas as you have done. This is because the image is seen as a fully painted area on the canvas, which is why you are only getting a rectangle when you make it a stencil. What you want to do, is open the stencil panel, then select the menu tab (the square button with four dashes on it) and click on "Select Stencil From Disk". Browse your way to the image you wish to use as a stencil and open it. You should then be able to use the image as a stencil in the way you intended.

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    Excellent tip Someonesane
    Can you imagine i never used that feature before because i didn't
    noticed it. Now i go to explore the other unknown goodies

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    If you read the manual, somebody might be able to get that out of it, but I clearly did not understand it that way. I have added your method to the manual for my future reference.

    Thank you very much. I was opening AR2.5, making a stencil and then saving it to AR Studio Pro. I could not believe they had dropped that from AR 3 but sure could not figure out how to do it.


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