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Thread: The Magic garden

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    Huntsville, On., Canada
    It looks like a beautiful place with lovely colours

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    Looks fantastic and so dream like...but where aer the fairies hiding?Superb painting
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    Ahhhhhh so. . . well done grasshopper. . .

    Very cool. Honestly. This is great. The technique and outcome reminds me a little of an artist who posted here some time back, but he was painting images out of some middle eastern holy book (I think -- one I was not familiar with - sadly can't recall his name offhand though).

    But the somewhat relief-sculpture and tiered qualities is the comparison I was drawing. I love the intense colors. Their flowing richness mirrors the downhill cascade feel. And I feel like I'm in a highly tuned in state of mind as I'm walking along the banks of a mountain stream. (or in the best possible sense, going through a Disenyland ride with all their scenario set-ups with colored lights and creatures). It feels like a distinctly crafted look with a fantasy spin.

    Sensational <--in the sense of 'sensation'.

    Rich experience.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Paul, love it. Love everything on it. The composition, the colors, the elements, the, stunning.

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