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Thread: First Post - Conceptual Painting

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    First Post - Conceptual Painting

    Hi Everyone,

    This is my first post to the forum. I am going to school for architecture and trying to develop my skills in digital painting. I have been reading the forum and getting inspired by others work.

    This is a building I designed for one of my studios at school. I use various software to develop the design of my buildings. One that has been mentioned on this site is SketchUp and the other one that I mostly use is Revit by Autodesk. It is a building information modeling software (BIM) where the user creates all of the building in 3D and different views of the model are used to create the construction documents. The software has rendering capabilities, so I decided to combine a rendered image with a technique I found in the forum using the knife tool on the image.

    What I am really hoping to achieve is a process for conceptual design development. I want to learn how I can express a design intent and feeling of my buildings. This painting was done at the end of the design as a final rendering, but I want to use digital painting as a way to expand design options at the conceptual and schematic level. Two of the artist styles on this forum that I am drawn to, is that of Briex, who I found the knife over image technique and Waheed Nasir, who delivers great depth in his cityscape paintings.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and I look forward to hearing your critiques.
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    VERY nice Gtown!

    I think it's awesome! I have an untrained eye so if there's anything that needs corrected or something, I sure don't see it. LOL Looks real good to me!

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    Dear MyGtown, Hello! don't see much architecture here, it is a nice addition, think your painting is pretty terrific! good job!

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    Nice work MyGtown.I have actually used Revit in my old job for awhile,rendering wasn't it's strong points.So it's a great idea to to do a paint over.
    If any crits I would suggest to make your sky more interesting think of the change in colour as the sky meets the horizon.depending on smog atmosphere etc effects the colour.Sometimes you end up with more of a Brown/orange close to the ground.Also this can give more interest in your building materials reflecting this light and colour,hope I make some sense?
    Anyway keep up the good work.

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